Don Arnulfo (Colombia).

How many people do you know who can say  "I know who grows the coffee I am drinking." Don Arnulfo is the supervisor of the coffee plantation that supplies our coffee. The El Colibri farm is situated 1850 m above the sea level near Popayan a town in the  Cuaca region of Colombia. Don Arnulfo is responsible for more then 4000 arabica coffee trees of the variety yellow caturra

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Micheal Wildes (Ireland),

Lovingly farms over 100 beehives around his land at Tara Hill, Co. Wexford. To look after so many bees is no a simple activity. But when Michael shakes your hand his rough palm says this is hard job, but the smile on his face is proof he has a sweet life  with his wife Mary, his lovely dog “Laddy“ , his bees and their wonderful Irish honey

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jorge colombia.jpg

Pavel Kozacik (Slovakia).

With over 60 years of beekeeping experience, he has his own design of beehives to provide more honey from his happy bees. When he was 10 years old he bees become very interested in bees and now uses his long experience to produce an excellent honey taste.  Mr. Kozacik is allowed to use the registered trade mark "Slovak Honey" and  his  honey has won the gold metal at Apimondia- World honey show.

Is this Jorge or Jose? (Colombia).

We are supporting and educating our farmers in cocoa farming. So theirs cocoa has higher quality and they get more Money for it. However, childrens of our farmers in Colombia do not have motivation to go to school. 7 km walk there and back and a lot of work at farm... So we decided to pay for them food at school. and this is very high motivation  Now we know they are not hungry and they are educated. This social project really Works thanks for LYRA chocolate

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